Nutritious brunch recipes for triathletes

In triathlon preparation, nutrition is as important as training. The nutritious brunch recipes below were specifically designed for optimal fueling and recovery. They are quick & easy to prepare, and will guarantee a tasty post workout meal. Continue reading Nutritious brunch recipes for triathletes

IronMan 70.3 Maine – Race insights

IronMan 70.3 Maine is a recent addition to the Half Ironman races in North America. This race takes place in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, generally around the end of August. It features an ocean swim, followed by a single loop bike course and an out-and-back run course, with the majority on trail. Continue reading IronMan 70.3 Maine – Race insights

Bike customization tips: transform your bike

There is always a fair amount of compromising when buying a new bike. On the one hand, there is this first bike with an amazing design and color pattern that you absolutely love! On the other hand, there is that other bike that better meets your specs and falls within budget. Unfortunately, the latter bike is not as cool. Ultimately, you know you will end up making a big compromise: technical specs, or appealing look. But what if, you didn’t have to? There is actually a way to reconcile the best of both worlds; technical and aesthetics. Many bike customization options can help you tune up your bike to match the aesthetic design of your dreams. Continue reading Bike customization tips: transform your bike

Optimize race preparation: the Early Bird secret

Triathletes are always looking for training tips and habits to optimize race preparation. With my years of racing and triathlon experience, there is one very useful training habit that I learned. I named it: the Early Bird Secret. Continue reading Optimize race preparation: the Early Bird secret

Homemade granola for champions

Want to make your own homemade granola?  Excellent idea! It is very easy and it tastes delicious. After trying a lot of recipes and making several adjustments, I finally found the ultimate homemade granola formula! This recipe is oil-free and has a great balance of carbs and natural sugar to fuel your performance. Continue reading Homemade granola for champions

Little triathlon accessories well worth the investment

With the multitude of triathlon accessories, gearing up for racing can rapidly become very costly. Sports marketers know very well that triathletes can be obsessive and passionate about their discipline. As a consequence, brands constantly grow their choices of accessories and it can be hard for a newbie triathlete to differentiate the gadgets from the essentials. Continue reading Little triathlon accessories well worth the investment

Running watch: improve your run

A running watch is a precious tool if you want to run better and faster. In the past, I did not believe that a sport watch could help to improve running performance. But now, after using a running watch for many years, I completely changed my mind! As a matter of fact, a running watch is fantastic for improving your run, and optimizing your triathlon racing. Continue reading Running watch: improve your run

Fartlek, run and play with nature

The Fartlek technique is well known of trail runners. This training system was named after the Swedish Fartlek which literally means “speed play”. This running game is based on a run-by-feel basis and consists in incorporating intervals into a trail run session. It aims at eliminating the boredom of running by alternating sprints, recovery and slow pace splits, as well as varying terrain types. Moreover, Fartlek is a great tool for improving, and a clever complement to running track practice. So, if you are curious to learn about Fartlek, and willing to make your running routine more playful, this article is for you! Continue reading Fartlek, run and play with nature

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